Caretta - Custom Electronic Medical Records System
For Animal Rehabilitation Environments

Overview of Caretta

Caretta™ is a custom electronic medical records system (CEMRS) designed by experienced veterinary staff to manage patient data for any animal species in rehabilitation. This intuitive CEMRS streamlines how patient information is entered, accessed and displayed. Treatment calendars, pop-up reminders and automatic feeds of diagnostic images keep work flowing smoothly and prevent costly errors. It even provides facilities with hassle-free generation of reports required by state and federal agencies. Your time is valuable! Simplify your day-to-day operations and eliminate long after-hours of record keeping, so you can focus on what you do best — rehabilitation.
In any rehabilitation environment, Caretta simply works.

Benefits of Caretta

Our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder. Discover below how Caretta can help your facility!
Caretta allows your facility to work efficiently!

Adaptability of Caretta

Caretta works on any PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet or device with a full web browser and has controllable security settings. Patient data is accessible from any office or stranding location. All data input into Caretta is proprietary. No data is ever shared by Arkelope Design, LLC. The CEMRS resides on your internal server or on a server in a secure off-site facility, if requested. Caretta is also maintenance free. The platform does not require updates; it will work efficiently with your facility for years to come.
Caretta is flex designed and built for longevity.

Caretta's Fine Details

Caretta comes with a “base” environment. This environment includes:
You can also request to have your version of Caretta modified to meet your individual needs. These additional “Add-Ons” may include:
  • Additional PDF-style reporting forms built outside of your state’s required forms
  • Additional lookup tables
  • Additional User Groups and Custom Permission Sets
  • Any integration with devices, such as interfacing with a radiograph machine
  • Any section added to a patient’s profile
We are available to discuss your facility’s requirements, outline what is covered under the base price, and provide a quote for additional options and capabilities.

Contact Us Regarding Caretta

Thank you for your interest in Caretta. We would love to give you a tour of Caretta (in person, if it's do-able!). Caretta is tailored to each client’s specific needs and environments. Some customization is included in the base price of the system, while others are an added cost. Add-Ons are modifications that are not included in the base price of Caretta. We'd love to talk with you about the pricing details, so reach out! Fields in sea foam blue are required for submission.
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